Medical Insurance

Before heading to Thailand we recommend that you read up on healthcare and travel insurance, should something happend while you're in Bangkok.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and in the case of travelling abroad it's always important to remember that you might just need to head to the doctor, be it for a cold or something more important.

Travelling without insurance

Should you need to visit the hospital when in Bangkok, it can be expensive. For example, it would cost US$ 120 for four stitches, US$ 300 if you're cut by coral, or up to US$ 550 if you have to stay for a night or two. 

Insurance before travelling

Although many credit cards include some kind of medical insurance, but this might not cover exactly what you need. Although Thailand is among the safest countries in South East Asia, the unexpected can happen anywhere in the world.

A dengue mosquito bite, a twisted ankle when trekking or similar, can easily turn from a minor inconvenience into an inconvenience both medical and economic. So we strongly recommend that you take out an insurance policy before travelling.

What insurance to buy?

At Civitatis we collaborate with IATI, which is a service perfectly adapted to Thailand, covering everything from common illnesses to accidents when diving or trekking. They offer the possibility of insurance from 30 (US$ 31.90) per person, with all included.

The company takes charge of the fees from minute one, meaning you never have to pay out of your own pocket. They even return the cost of calls to their central office!

Book via the following link:

Thailand travel insurance