Weather in Bangkok

Weather in Bangkok

While Bangkok technically has three season - hot, cool and rainy - it's pretty warm throughout the entire year. Find out when's best to visit!

Bangkok is usually hot and humid. The coolest months, in December for example, may reach lows of 22 ºC (72 °F) and the average high is around 35 °C (96 °F), in April. Having said this, it is estimated that temperatures in Bangkok will reach above 32 °C (90 ºF) on over three-quarters of the days of the year.

The southwest monsoon brings rainy season from mid-May to October, with September being the rainiest month. The driest months are usually December and January, when rain is scarce - although the odd tropical storm has still been known to occur.

When to visit Bangkok

To avoid the probability of rain and to make the most of the most comfortable temperatures, we think the best time of year to visit Bangkok - and Thailand as a whole - is between November and April. Bear in mind, though, that as this is the most popular time to visit, you'll find prices are higher and availability is lower.